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Summer heat

Richmond Vet Clinic

Summer means good times and (hopefully) lots of sunshine, but like most things in life, moderation is key, so please keep a close eye on your pets during warmer weather.
Heatstroke can be very severe and life-threatening. Remember to watch your pets’ body language carefully and listen carefully to what they are trying to tell you.
Signs of heat stress include (and not limiting to):
Incessant panting with “curved smiling lips”
Lethargic and weakness
If in doubt, keep them cool indoors and it is okay to skip a walk. Only walk them early in the mornings or evenings in the warm summer weather.
There are some FUN ideas to try in the hot summer:

  • Use a shallow clam shell kid pool to help your pooches keep warm
  • Freeze a water bottle that your pets can cuddle up against. Alternatively invest in a cooling
  • Fill up a kong toy with meat/canned food and freeze it – then stand back and watch them have fun for an hour! You could alternatively plug the bottom of your pet’s kong – pour some chicken/beef stock in and freeze it – it’s like an icy pole!
  • Use your imagination and make up some frozen dog treats

Interesting fun fact: You can use sunscreen on your pet. A good recommendation is the Ego Sunsense Sports Milk.
For more information regarding heat stress – refer to this website or call us at the clinic or the emergency centres! –