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Our Products

Richmond Vet Clinic

Comfortis – new monthly flea treatment

Flea control is an ongoing battle for many pet owners and veterinarians. It can be particularly difficult in dogs that are bathed or swim regularly, as these activities can reduce the effectiveness of topical flea treatments.

Comfortis is a flavoured chewable tablet, for dogs and puppies 14 weeks and older, that kills fleas for one month after dosing – even in dogs that like to get wet!

Hills j/d – improves joint health and mobility

Does your dog spend more time sleeping these days? Does your dog appear stiff after resting or reluctant to walk as far as he/she used to? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, your dog may have osteoarthritis.

Hills j/d is a revolutionary food that is clinically proven to increase mobility and preserve healthy joint cartilage.

Feeding special ratios of omega-3 fatty acids can alter the way genes are expressed and block the effects of cartilage-destroying enzymes.

Evidence-based clinical studies have demonstrated a change in genetic expression and an improvement in mobility in dogs fed j/d, and less reliance on anti-inflammatory medication.